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After eight years in our home, we finally got around to redesigning our bedroom earlier this year. (Post on that coming soon!)

While I wasn’t quite sure about the exact color I wanted to paint the room, there was one thing I knew for sure (note my Oprahism): I wanted a breezy blue bedroom. The shade of blue that would make me feel like I was sleeping in a cloud!

We ultimately settled on Lighthouse Shadows from Valspar, and it has turned out to be the perfect shade. As we were selecting the color, I took some inspiration from these pins.

Martha O’Hara Interiors




Haverty’s Furniture


Bernhardt Furniture


Nuvo Design Interiors


So there you have it. Some of the design inspiration for what is now our breezy blue bedroom! For more colorful inspiration, head over to my Pinterest page!

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  1. Pinterest is my obsession, and good design is my weakness. So I’ve loved this post and I’ll be looking forward for the reveal of your new breezy blue bedroom (sounds heavenly!) 🙂

  2. Gorgeous and sharp blue interiors I love this style, very smart.

  3. Beautiful pins. I love the first and third one. Looking forward to seeing the finished result 🙂

  4. I love those wood floors in the second picture! So pretty!

  5. Love this! My bedroom is kind of the color of pic #4, but the bf isn’t really loving my idea of frilly white curtains etc…lol.

    • I totally understand. I always try to keep things a little “masculine” for my husband’s sake! 🙂

  6. I love the first two… but hard to choose because I just love blue! They are all lovely – can’t wait to see what you decide! 🙂

  7. These are all gorgeous! They add such comfort and calmness to a bedroom. I love these colors!

  8. Love the idea of a blue bedroom – so serene.

  9. Love these shades of blue especially the second one! I can’t wait to see the makeover!

  10. Oh yes these colors are pretty timeless too! We have a silvery blue venetian plaster wall behind our bed and I just love it.
    xo, Nicole

  11. Ive never been a blue fan, but I LOVE this!! We really need to spend some QT on our bedroom and I think this might be our motivation!

    • Yay! Yes, our bedroom is my little piece of heaven in a house with 4 kids 🙂

  12. You’re winning me over on the blues

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